Jonathan Gibbs Architect - distinctive design
Jon Gibbs has helped to bring to life the aspirations and vision of people and companies of every means as a licensed Architect in Connecticut since 1991. Listening to you is paramount.   
Practical design requires not only the understanding of the science and technology of building, but also the experience of years of working with builders to find economical solutions to unique situations with conventional and easily accessible methods.
Evocative design starts with the cornucopia of your ideas, which are then thoroughly distilled to the essence, and expressed with the broad palette of a lifetime of discovery and appreciation of all architectural styles. One size does not fit all, and a colonial is not just a colonial!
Upon earning his Architectural degree at the Rhode Island School of Design, Jon came to the Connecticut in 1986, where he has since worked with a  number of prominent Connecticut firms in both architecture and engineering, as well as in private practice.
The variety of design approaches and the cumulative knowledge gained from of all these professionals benefits us with a flexibility in expressing the uniqueness of every client, program, and site.
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